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Bitten - Online Slots You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into
Playing Bitten at Kerching Internet Casino
What happens when you run into a vampire? You get Bitten, of course! This 5-reel 20-payline online slots game is bound to appeal to anyone who has grown up with the likes of Dracula, Twilight and Buffy in their blood.
Kerching slot casino real`s exotic adventure Cleopatra 2 is in reality the unlikely inspiration for Bitten, paired with tales of vampire lore from several ancient sources. However, it is not just a duplicate of the Ancient Egypt slots game. Kerching members can expect a brilliant new wild scatter function, haunting audio effects and classy vampire-inspired icons.
More about Bitten
Online slots fans will simply love Bitten. The vampire theme is played to perfection on the main reels where iconic symbols such as ornate candelabras, blood-red wine and a gothic succubus all trigger large payouts.
Wild symbols are also highly sought on Bitten slots for a number of reasons. For starters, they set off the amazing scatter award to maximize your earnings. In addition, the wild symbols will double all your payline rewards in one big bonanza. But to cap it all, your total stake could be increased by an awesome 250 times if you match up five Bitten wild symbols.
Bitten`s brilliant bonus game: Crypt Free Spins
Incredibly, the bonuses get even more impressive on the incredibly lucrative Crypt Free Spins Bonus, which can be initiated by obtaining at least three bonus icons anywhere in the game. You`ll be presented with a selection of coffins; choose to open one of them and you`ll pocket however many free spins are locked within. This could be anything up to 20 free spins for starters.
During your session playing Bitten online, fortunately the Crypt Free Spins Bonus can be obtained again and again. Each spin causes the award multipliers to rise exponentially to a maximum of 50x, so there`s a lot of cash to grab if you`re lucky. It`s well worth placing a stake on Bitten bearing in mind the rewards on offer!
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